Starkidz can provide a wedding, christening or event mobile creche easing the decision to invite children or not to your special day.

We can set aside a room or a corner and bring age appropriate crafts, toys, dvds and much more. We can also make personalised items for the children to take home for them to remember your special day.

We can take care of the children from the drinks reception up until the evening reception so they are ready for a boogie before bed. Giving your guests a chance to have a drink and catch up with friends and really enjoy their day knowing that the children are in safe hands.

As well as a creche we can also provide a little entertainment, whats better than dancing the Hokey Cokey on your wedding day, we can also invite one of our friends along to pose for photos and meet and greet your guests.

Lastly we will make sure that all guests leave a mark on your special day with a keepsake gift from us.


Starkidz love christenings, they’re always a good giggle, great for the Kids and the Adults!

Starkidz take the kids and keep them entertained with face painting, glitter tattoos, crafts and keep it chilled. We can take the children off your hands for an hour with all sorts of crafts! This is ideal when you want to catch up with other parents or with friends and family.

Starkidz will entertain the kids and adults with party games, party dances and will get everyone up and involved! A character will also visit! Lots of photos and fun! Including fun for the adults too!

Or why don’t you mix it up and have an hour of each?!

We bring along our lights & music and have that playing to keep everyone entertained. Once that hour is over we then crank up the music a little and provide a party hour or two with involve dancing, games, prizes, pass the parcel, adult participation and more!


Come and talk to us about your Wedding and how we can keep your kids entertained!